The questions sent via the Ask the Museum service will be archived in Helsinki City Museum’s database. Some of the questions and answers will be edited and published on the Ask the Museum website. The identity and contact details of the enquirer will not be disclosed to third parties by Helsinki City Museum. If a person that sends a photograph with a question has given the museum permission to use the photograph, the photograph may be included with the published question.  The museum may also choose not to include a photograph with a question published on the website.

Helsinki City Museum will answer the questions by emailing the enquirer directly within one week of receiving each question. The service will be closed during holiday periods. The periods during which the service is closed will be announced on the home page of the service.

The service is free of charge. However, the museum may charge a fee for answers that require exceptionally extensive information searches. If answering a question requires a paid information search, the museum will contact the enquirer before proceeding.