Undergroud shelters in Helsinki

Do you have any information about the history of the underground tunnels and shelters in Helsinki? General information would be fine, but even better if you have anything specifically about the history of the shelter under the Uspenski Cathedral. Also, since when/how did the city of Helsinki decide to commercialise the shelters? If you do not have any such information, I would be glad if you could point me at some resources (Swedish or English-language would be ideal). Best, Julia

arkkitehti Mikko Lindqvist vastaa:

Many of the numerious communal undergroud shelters in Helsinki were built during the cold war era, for the protection of city residents. There is also one in Katajanokka, under the bedrock on the west side of the island. This shelter was built in the late 50's, preceeding the officebuilding of Enso-Gutzet by Alvar Aalto. These structures are linked. The current use of these shelters are not in the field of city museum.
Best, Mikko Lindqvist

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