Do you have any information on the Amerikan-Automatik-foto-Atelier in Turku?

From the estate of Hulda Wilhemina Virtanen (Kustavi).

Do you have any information on the Amerikan-Automatik-foto Atelier in Turku? What years did it work? Did it specialize in any type of photography?

My father's parents emigrated to the US from Finland in 1910. We suspect this may be the only photograph of my great grandfather, a sailor who died n 1905. If we know more about the Atelier, we may be able to confirm the identity of the person in the photo.

Amanuenssi Sofia Lahti vastaa:

Unfortunately, we do not have much information on the Amerikan-Automatik-Foto-Atelier. According to our database, it was only active in 1913-1914. The owner was a German-born photographer, Hedvig Marie Dreyer. Apparently she produced traditional portraits in the visit card format, such as yours, and ferrotypes. She also sold photographic materials and equipment and offered developing and printing services as well as advice to amateur photographers. We do not know why she called her atelier "American". It could refer to photographic equipment manufactured in the USA.

So, if our information is correct, that would mean that the man in your photo could not be your great grandfather. However, just to be sure, I recommend that you contact the image archives of Turun museokeskus (the Turku museum centre). As a museum focused on Turku region, they may have more knowledge on the history of the atelier or perhaps other examples of its production to help you in your search.

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