Can you figure out the partly erased logo of the photographer/atelier?

I have a photo of my grandparents, and two of their children, taken in Helsinki sometime in the late 1920s or early 1930s. I have not been able to figure out the partly erased logo of the photographer/atelier, appearing on the back of the photo. I'm curious to know whether the year "1929", appearing in the logo, is the year the photo was taken, or just part of the logo (perhaps year of establishment of atelier ?) I would much appreciate any help.

Amanuenssi Max Fritze vastaa:

Even after a whole lot of squinting, I was unfortunately not able to figure out much of the text. The first letter looks like an "A" but that's about it. We at least have the logo, Helsinki, 1929 and Oy Ab to help us forward. I tried to search for Helsinki-based studios with oy and ab in their name, that start with an A, that were active around 1929. The closest match was Oy Amatör Ab. The logo at least matches the image of the gentlemanly amateur photographer of the times. Oy Amatör Ab developed prints for amateur photographers. I'd say that also fits the look of your photo.

The logo is very recognizable, and I will try to get a match for it. If you make progress with the text you can try searches in to our public photographer and studio database.

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