Are there photos of this woman in the Museum?

I want to find out if the Finnish Museum of Photography's collection contains any photos of Maria Hlistoff, known later as Maria Zankovetska, a famous Ukrainian theater actress. She used to live in Helsinki (Suomenlinna) in 1881-82. The photo was taken in 1881-82 at Daniel Nyblin's studio (Helsinki Fabianinkatu, 31). I have read that the studio submitted its collection to the Finnish Museum of Photography.

Amanuenssi Sofia Lahti vastaa:

First I must ask where you read that the Daniel Nyblin photographic atelier's archives were donated to the Finnish Museum of Photography? There must have been some kind of misunderstanding. We do have a small amount of his images, but the vast majority of preserved photographic materal, including over 1500 portraits, from Daniel Nyblin's atelier is in the photographic archives of the Finnish National Heritage Agency. Other large collections (over 100 photos) of Daniel Nyblin's photos exist in Helsinki City Museum, Mikkeli regional archive, Satakunta regional museum, Sibelius museum, and Kuopio museum. Several other Finnish museums have smaller amounts of Nyblin's photos.

Unfortunately many of the old photographs have arrived in the museums and archives without any information about their contents or dating. That means the image you are looking for may exist in one of these archives, but it cannot be found by searching with her name.

Over 3000 digitised photographs by Daniel Nyblin seem to have been published in the Finna portal by Finnish museums and archives. You can go through them by writing "Daniel Nyblin" in the search field and then limiting the search to "Image" in the Content type field.

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