Questions on curatorial work and consultations with artists

I would like to submit few questions to curators of the Museum:

When it comes to photography, does concept or style matter more?

Have you been thinking about offering consultations with curators - that could help people without exhibition experience to get more insight in their work and also get to know the process a bit more, sames goes for networking. Are you offering one on one consultations with curators?

Are you planning on opening call for project space anytime in the future?

What are you looking for in your future exhibitions? Are you accepting showcase or are you focused only on projects?

Sofia Lahti, Curator of Collections vastaa:

Thanks for a set of good questions!

Considering concept and style, every artwork or project has to be individually assessed. Several elements have to fall in place for a work to become interesting - I'd even say that one never knows beforehand which aspects turn out to be decisive for any particular piece. In a finished work, it may sometimes be difficult to tell them apart or distinguish what was the crucial element that made something "good". Are these two aspects - concept and style - the most important ones for you at the moment?

Consultations with curators is something we have been offering annually. They are usually called Portfolio days. We invite a group of Finnish and international curators that will meet artists or photographers in individual sessions. Usually we have had more artists wanting to participate than what we could accommodate, so there is a process of selection on the basis of applications. We announce upcoming events on our website and in social media. Here is the info of one past event in English: https://www.valokuvataiteenmuseo.fi/fi/kalenteri/transeurope-helsinki-portfolio-review

The aims with our exhibitions are to show a wide spectre of photographic phenomena, including art of course; Finnish and international, old and new, with insight that allows us to contribute to contemporary debates in the society. Each exhibition is a project in its own way, even if it is a showcase-style group show, for instance. Each exhibition should have a meaning and a message.

The next open call for the Project exhibition space will be in Spring 2022 for exhibitions to be held in 2023.

Curators and artists meeting on Portfolio day at the Finnish Museum of Photography in October 2015.

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